Christian O'Meara, Cofounder and CEO of Logic20/20 in Seattle

Christian O'Meara

The cofounder of Logic20/20 Inc. in Seattle, Christian O’Meara leads the consulting firm as its chief executive officer. In this position, he maintains responsibility for developing new business opportunities, recruiting staff members, and creating a supportive environment for his employees. As a business leader, Christian O’Meara strives to distill complex environments and processes down to their simplest parts with the recognition that doing so requires a personalized approach.

O’Meara completed his undergraduate studies at Brunel University London. During that time, he learned how to use innovative and creative approaches to solving business problems. After receiving his bachelor's degree, he served as a business development manager for Cabletron Systems and Quest Software, where he quickly established himself as a top performer.

A humanitarian, Christian O’Meara has volunteered in Uganda through Raleigh International and worked with national parks, CARE International, and Save the Children. He remains involved in relief work through his company's support for Leaders for Africa, which connects African students with educational opportunities.